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Today’s discussion is about the weed strain, Purple Persuasion #5. This strain is a cross between Pink Lemonade #2 and Pink Dream. This product was in the form of flower that was smoked in a joint. The flower came from Rochester Farms with a THC content of 21.87% and a THCa content of 22.2%. This strain is a sativa dominant hybrid 60/40.

I greatly enjoyed smoking this strain. The taste was sweet, and it instantly made me feel happy. The body high started in my head and slowly worked its way downward but at the same time lifted me up. It helped lessen any pain in my body or at least made me forget about it. It was a great weed to smoke when wanting to relax and hang out with friends. It contributed to our munchy cravings of chocolate and chips with salsa. The weed was described in the group as euphorically delicious!

This strain also encouraged conversation and was somewhat of a “truth serum.” It removed our filters and things were said that were funny and entertaining. Things that were very deep and honest were expressed too. It removed any social anxieties and made everyone feel comfortable enough to contribute to the conversation and have a good time.

I highly recommend Purple Persuasion #5 from Rochester Farms. It is perfect for small get togethers among close friends. It will make the experience happy and enjoyable and will keep the conversation going!