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The Mo Beta Green Testers smoked this dab through the Lookah Seahorse Max. Best results were found to be on the medium heat (yellow light). Note that the Seahorse tips are easily replaced, and it is used like a nectar collector in the sense that you don’t have to touch or move the wax. You can just take the tip and dip it in the wax container and have very little clean up.

After smoking the Athena x Cali Sour dab the Mo Beta Green Testers had immediate pain relief and a slight full body buzz. They were focused and clear headed for a cerebral high. The testers were immediately motivated to complete any task presented. However, it was noted that it did not make them overly creative and one tester even noted that it made them slightly dumb. This strain caused the munchies and would be good for treating nausea symptoms. This strain combination also left a slightly bad taste in the testers mouths.

Overall, the Mo Beta Green Testers feel this is a great strain for chronic use to treat pain, nausea, stress, anxiety, and depression. Also, this high is very useful for getting busy work done.